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Une promenade à Deauville

Lorsque je parle de ma mère aujourd’hui, j’aime bien la présenter affectueusement comme une personne un peu folle. Non pas atteinte de ces troubles qui vous mènent tout droit en hôpital psychiatrique avec un entonnoir sur la tête.…

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The psychedelic magnet

That day of the year had finally arrived. To be precise, this day arrives one or two times a year. In the past, this day was accompanied by one or two people, but by now, no one is here.…

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Just a swab stick can save a life

2017! And yet, cancer is still not just a zodiac sign as we would all wish. It continues to invade unexpecting people of all ages. It is the pest of our times. Cancer… a word whose sound causes the shivers. I know well that I cannot do something to make it disappear. I can help though, so some people can fight to overcome it.…

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